Access 2013: Tips & Tricks

Free Download Lynda Access 2013: Tips & Tricks. This course was created by Adam Wilbert. This course is 2 hours 50 minutes long. This course can helps you to learn and improve your skills in Business, Business Intelligence, IT and Databases.

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Your tables are built, your relationships are defined, your queries and reports are ready to run. But is your Access database really ready for users? With these power tips, you can create a better user experience for your database and transform it into a fast, efficient, and even fun place to work. Adam Wilbert will show you how to remove typical Access interface elements (like the Welcome screen) for a better start-up experience, and borrow some tricks from web design to make your database more attractive and interactive. Plus, learn how to clean up a cluttered navigation pane, filter long lists with cascading combo boxes, and build in contextual help and keyboard shortcuts that your power users will thank you for. Adam also shows how to package the database for users who don’t have Microsoft Access installed.

Course includes:

  • Creating a kiosk experience
  • Hiding the ribbon
  • Creating cascading combo boxes
  • Working with hidden objects
  • Creating a separate back end
  • Building a dynamic reporting tool
  • Writing custom functions in Visual Basic
  • Distributing your application
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Free Download Lynda’s Access 2013: Tips & Tricks

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