Learning Cloud Computing: Cloud Storage

Free Download Lynda Learning Cloud Computing: Cloud Storage. This course was created by David Linthicum. This course is 1 hours 15 minutes long. This course can helps you to learn and improve your skills in Cloud Computing and IT.

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Storage is the most widely utilized cloud-computing service. Companies are eager to take advantage of object-based storage with unlimited scalability—and IT professionals are the ones who need to make it work. This course covers the basics of cloud storage, including storage planning, budgeting, and security. Instructor David Linthicum demos account creation and management with Amazon Web Services, but the lessons are high level and applicable to almost any cloud solution. Learn about file, block, and object storage; explore planning and requirements gathering; and review three practical use cases for cloud storage, including one featuring logging and other storage management subsystems.

Course includes:

  • Block storage, object storage, and file storage
  • Planning cloud storage
  • Allocating storage instances on AWS
  • Securing storage instances
  • Understanding usage-based accounting
  • Defining costs, projected growth, and implementation plans
  • Reviewing cloud storage use cases
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Free Download Lynda’s Learning Cloud Computing: Cloud Storage

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