Silhouette Photography: Shooting and Post Processing

Free Download Lynda Silhouette Photography: Shooting and Post Processing. This course was created by Erika Thornes. This course is 1 hours 42 minutes long. This course can helps you to learn and improve your skills in Photography, Portraits and Lighting.

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Sometimes shapes tell better stories than shadows. A silhouette of a person or object can be a powerfully expressive, graphical representation of a person or scene. Besides, silhouettes can be fun to shoot.

In this course, photographer Erika Thornes demonstrates shooting techniques for several kinds of silhouette scenarios, from people to trees and more. She explores the lighting conditions that work best for silhouettes, and shoots several examples. The course concludes with an exploration of post-processing techniques that accentuate shapes and bring out lighting.

Course includes:

  • Getting the shot
  • Changing angle
  • Exposing for the sky
  • Using AE lock
  • Setting exposure compensation
  • Using Shutter Priority mode
  • Selecting a lens
  • Fixing the horizon
  • Adjusting contrast and blacks
  • Using the Targeted Adjustment tool
  • Adjusting HSL (hue, saturation, and luminance)
  • Using the histogram
  • Fixing banding and haloing
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Free Download Lynda’s Silhouette Photography: Shooting and Post Processing

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