Video Gear: Action Cams & Drones

Free Download Lynda Video Gear: Action Cams & Drones. This course was created by Richard Harrington. This course is 3 hours 46 minutes long. This course can helps you to learn and improve your skills in DSLR Video, Audio for Video, Filmmaking, Photography and Video.

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What’s one of the best parts about being a video professional? All the cool gear! In this course, Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman tackle action cams and drones, some of the hottest pieces of equipment for video production. These cameras allow you to capture incredible bird’s eye views, underwater dives, long panning shots of landscapes, and “driver’s seat” angles of sports and other fast-paced action. Rich and Robbie review the best of the batch, including the GoPro HERO, Sony HD Action Cam, Garmin Verb, and Polaroid Cube, as well as the DJI Phantom quadcopter, which allows you to take your video production to the air. They introduce practical techniques for creating time lapses and other types of shots, developing your footage with programs like Premiere Pro, and keeping you and your gear safe and on the right side of FAA regulations.

Course includes:

  • Mounting a GoPro
  • Adapting GoPros with filters and more
  • Evaluating the GoPro HERO4
  • Creating a panning time lapse with a GoPro
  • Developing GoPro footage
  • Reviewing the Sony HDR-AS15 HD Action Cam
  • Working with the Polaroid Cube
  • Creating a GoPro parallax time lapse
  • Shooting with the GoPro 3-Way
  • Registering your drone with the FAA
  • Shooting video with the DJI Phantom
  • Flying quadcopters with a two-person team
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Free Download Lynda’s Video Gear: Action Cams & Drones

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