Video Gear: Technical Tips

Free Download Lynda Video Gear: Technical Tips. This course was created by Richard Harrington. This course is 4 hours long. This course can helps you to learn and improve your skills in DSLR Video, Shooting Video, Photography and Video.

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Make your video productions run a little smoother with these tips and useful tools. This installment of Video Gear explains how to simplify some of the more technically challenging aspects of video production. Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman show how to capture and develop high-frame-rate, slow-motion, and green-screen footage; calibrate your display for better color management; mount storage disks; and stay powered up on the go. Plus, learn how to recover files from a corrupted disk or media card with the help of utilities like Picture Rescue and Data Rescue.

Course includes:

  • Shooting high-frame-rate footage
  • Post-processing high-frame-rate footage
  • Using third-party effects for slow motion
  • Calibrating a display
  • Mounting a disk
  • Recovering media
  • Creating LUTs
  • Shooting green-screen footage
  • Charging batteries on the go
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Free Download Lynda’s Video Gear: Technical Tips

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